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Pardon my dust

I figure it's been awhile, so came in here to see if anyone was still using this. I'm sadly reminded of older days when there was more activity here...

So, I see Livejournal have a marketing department that does actual marketing. Their intro video makes some very good points about their competition. Like I said on Twitter, Google has proven that using "real names" changes not a god-damned thing about humans.

Unfortunately, it looks like old LJ has suffered at the hands of Facebook. Regardless, I'll let it be known that I'd much rather resume posting here than be made to touch Facebook again.

Call me nostalgic, but I wish I had access to the old LJ interface I knew and loved. I'm pretty sure I don't have any complain cash to spend on that since I've been gone for a long time.

(You just know that 5 years from now, the posts from 2010 will still be in my "most recent" ...)


What is this I don't even

I guess since I'm rummaging around here anyway...

Not much has been going on aside from mundane life.

I recently ripped out all the crap from my stylesheets on my rather dusty website. I'm not sure my assumption about web browsers' default colors actually held, as it's now a sea of white for the time being. I think I'll ultimately tweak the CSS to have some colors that won't rape every eye in existence and call it a dusty website. I was definitely wanting to get rid of the background images without making things look stupid.

I'm rebuilding my main machine in sync with the release of Ubuntu 12.04. It really sucks having to toss 500GB of data and the contents of a home directory across a wire that's NEVER fast enough, but rsync did the job admirably. It also really sucks that I'm going to have to reinstall all my tweaks to make the desktop not be stupid, and it's been a year since I did that, and I've forgotten everything. I'll have a system that doesn't have literally a hundred repositories to keep up with out-of-distribution software, though! (And running a kernel from this half of the decade.)


Things I've (re)learned lately

Mostly to do with building a stable PC:
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Why I hate Windows: Anti-virus

Does anyone use this anymore? Have all the cool kids gone to Facebook (where I once was, but decided to give it the axe after app-driven poor behavior by family members who'd never act that way in meatspace)? Should I post my question on 4ch... no, I shouldn't. What a terrible place to get actual advice.


My main question for you Windows users is this: what (if any) anti-virus program are you using? My requirements:

- Works with 32 or 64 bit Windows 7
- ANTI-VIRUS (and, along with this, anti-spyware) ONLY. No firewall, no web washing, no link scanning, no email scanning. Only anti-virus. I'll accept a program that can be made to only do anti-virus and anti-spyware.
- Something that doesn't take much in the way of system resources. Many anti-virus programs assume that the user will solve the problem that anti-virus programs present in the resource department by buying a new computer. I'd like to use my old computer, and I'm sure I'm not the only one with this wish.
- Not being a whining, annoying program is a weighty plus.

Here's what I have tried over the years:

- AVG Free. The latest version is OK when it comes to resources and letting me just use it as anti-virus and anti-spyware, but I hate how it constantly nags via the notification panel. I don't use Windows enough to justify buying AVG at home, or I'd just buy AVG. It works wonderfully at work.
- avast. Man, the notifications on this thing are a major annoyance! Other than that, I haven't kept my workbench machine on long enough to have any other complaints.
- MSSE. It comes with Windows 7, but trouble is, I have no idea if it's the reason that VM is slow, or if Parallels is just shitty and I should pay again to have VMware. I'm sure this is an either-or question to which the answer is "yes... very yes..."
- Comodo. FALSE POSITIVES. Very resource-intense. The only reason I have it running anywhere is that it's free for commercial use.


A very late note: shredding

Remember those two bins full of shredding I needed to do? Those that had been moving around from place to place for 12 years?

Yeah, well... last year, I made very good use of my fireplace. That stuff heated my home instead of firewood. I appreciate the closet space I regained from no longer having that stuff, though it was certainly much like archeology going through all that stuff.

But I still need a new shredder.

On a related note: firewood doesn't burn well when it is wet. The first bundle was very hard starting. It kept extinguishing. That second bundle was dry because I just lit the kindling and walked away, and there was a fire that never went out!



No, PE (as it stands now) should not be mandatory in school. State-sponsored brutality and terrorism.


Another good reason to not have cable

Also a great reason to not watch TV.

Thanks, Obama!


Fink: the source of pain

Hindsight is 20/20. I should have used locally compiled software from the start.

I started using MacOS X when 10.1 was the newest, on a Sawtooth PowerMac G4 at work. It wasn't until 2003, when I got my own PowerBook G4, that I needed help filling the blanks in MacOS X's command line and X11 offerings.

Enter Fink. Now, to their credit, the volunteers at the Fink project have been keeping things working pretty well. This is no small feat given that the two copies of perl can clash against each other. But now it is time to retire Fink and fill the gaps with locally compiled software. The reasons: perl problems in Snow Leopard combined with the lack of suitable mirrors.

This all started when I stumbled upon an actual working version of X-Chat Aqua 0.17 with a working perl section. Now that the perl problems with X-Chat were gone, I had a new problem: DynaLoader claiming that the bundles installed by Fink were the wrong architecture. (So I couldn't use DBI without it failing, cause PERL5LIB was set to look at Fink first.)

After finding the source of the problem, I tried updating Fink. Long story short, I failed to get Fink fully updated. So back to locally compiled software I go. Fink has become too much of a headache these days.

I bid thee farewell, Fink. You have served me well, but it's time to move on.

I really hope I don't need any X11 software that requires GTK (oh wait, Wireshark does! And so does gnucash! Man...)

2010-12-02: added URL to X-Chat Aqua 0.17rc2


You CANNOT be serious!

When they (and you know who "they" are, so THEY) try delivering a package to me, but I'm not home, or it won't fit in the stupid mailbox, I wish they'd take it back to the post office (or Team Brown Soccer Ball Storage Facility, or FedEx We-Don't-Treat-Parcels-Like-Sporting-Equipment Place) and make me come get it. That way, I know it's not in a shrub, or "at the office except it's NOT there because those bright sparks CLOSED without telling anyone," and I won't have to go to the office to try picking up stuff that just isn't there.

Nor will I have to wait possibly the ENTIRE day for a package so they won't return it to the sender. Yes, that's right: I'm expected to wait until 08:00pm for the delivery truck! On Saturday. Who knows what USPS is going to do, other than they didn't put the package in the office like they said they did.

I'm considering getting one of those UPS Store mailboxes just for things like this.

On an unrelated note, I received my first YouTube private message spam. Guess I must be doing something right. If YouTube can implement this "Content ID" bullshit, it can certainly implement violence delivery over standard TCP/IP. But Content ID apparently makes them more money.


What happens when big business regulates itself

This is a good reason to employ the strategy(?) of skipping "health care" altogether and just showing up to the hospital in a body bag.




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